建築CGパース制作の株式会社ストレートでは、調査・設計・提案書など様々なサービスをワンストップで提供致します。 VRなどの最先端技術やアニメーションも積極的に取り入れています。CAD教育・講習にも力を入れています。

Work Flow / FAQ


Please do not hesitate to inform us for a order of CG and architecture perspective.

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First, we’ll check the source material and drawing about production. We can understand a visitor's architecture concept firmly, and produce CG Perspective by satisfactory representation.


We’ll check the image of the building which is due to be build, a drawing, a source material, etc., and make a estimate based on your order. We can respond flexibly about quick delivery. Even if you can not prepare any material, we can producti using an imaginable source material and picture.


You can do an order when you agree with the detail of contract for the matter of product, delivery term, and estimate.


We create your production perform the modeling of a buildings, mapping and a rendering, a retouch, an effect, etc.,. In the case of CG animation, we’ll take a photograph along with a conte scenario, and assemble a rough animation. Finally,we setting up various effects performing a rendering,and complete a production carefully.


We deliver your data on the Internet basically.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The question about a production order

  • How many days does a delivery take from an order?

    Although a base is about one to two weeks, there is a difference with a matter.
    Please don’t hesitate to ask us for details.

  • How much is the product of CG perspective?

    It changes with the volume of the object to request, delivery forms, etc.
    Please don’t hesitate to ask us for details.

  • Is it necessary to prepare a drawing etc. in advance?

    Even when there is no drawing data,it is possible that there are an image, a specification, etc. However, ,if you want what has a high accuracy,
    it is more desirable for there to be drawing data.

  • Can I order from a distance?

    It is possible to carry out via the Internet from a request to a data delivery, both domestic and overseas.