Product flow

Please feel free to contact us first. We are also available for web meetings, so we can discuss your project in detail. Even if this is your first time requesting CG, we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, such as what kind of materials are needed. We will begin production once you are satisfied with the schedule and estimate, so there is no cost up to that point.

  1. step1
    Please do not hesitate to inform us for a order of CG and architecture perspective.
  2. step2
    First, we’ll check the source material and drawing about production. We can understand a visitor’s architecture concept firmly, and produce CG Perspective by satisfactory representation.
  3. step3
    We’ll check the image of the building which is due to be build, a drawing, a source material, etc., and make a estimate based on your order. We can respond flexibly about quick delivery. Even if you can not prepare any material, we can producti using an imaginable source material and picture.
  4. step4
    You can do an order when you agree with the detail of contract for the matter of product, delivery term, and estimate.
  5. step5
    We create your production perform the modeling of a buildings, mapping and a rendering, a retouch, an effect, etc.,. In the case of CG animation, we’ll take a photograph along with a conte scenario, and assemble a rough animation. Finally,we setting up various effects performing a rendering,and complete a production carefully.
  6. step6
    We deliver your data on the Internet basically.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
about a production order