建築CGパース制作の株式会社ストレートでは、調査・設計・提案書など様々なサービスをワンストップで提供致します。 VRなどの最先端技術やアニメーションも積極的に取り入れています。CAD教育・講習にも力を入れています。


Business Guide



We perform a service valuation of an office building and propose the way a future office should be.
We diagnose and evaluate a status quo objective from a survey of a building and an facility to a questionnaire, and are taken as the basic data of forward planning.
We perform the project management whose current and goal of a project are visible to you.


We ask a question about goa; for a project, schedule management, and an cost control so that the matter for which you wish can be realized.


We investigate a condition to an accuracy and find a point that you don’t notice.
We prepare for various survey menus and consider a goal and investigate it.

Survey Menu

・Current condition layout
We grasp your premises notice at present and furniture-and-fixtures layout status.
・ A ceiling and a wall installation
We check the ubiety of a lighting and air-conditioning, and the ubiety of a wall switch as a point in connection with a layout.
・Diversion sorting
We judge whether I can perform a diversion of a furniture and fixtures.
We carry out a numbering work as an occupation in connection with a transference.
We check the present amount of storage and investigate the document of which is actually required.
・Administrative information
This is a survey of a portfolio management.
・Rate-of-operation check
The rate-of-operation check according to area
・A survey flow check
The check of the security at the time of the increase in efficiency and disaster of an occupation.
We carry out a questionnaire and reflect the result of the analysis on your plan.
・Data analysis
We analyze various results of an investigation,and propose the optimal plan.

Master Plan

Based on a master scheduling, we explain the current of a transfer project to you, and will show the point the goal of a project, schedule management, and an cost control.


We negotiate with an owner and a proprietary company, and draw up the plan of a basic layout, a facility design, and a furniture in consideration of the current of an engineering works.
We create and planning that how you use an office.


Deciding a layout and the detail design for constructing.
We are support of various notifications.

Architectural Design Supervision

We take on an interpreter and confirmation of a constructing location.

Order Flow

Checking for order to delivery and FAQ