建築CGパース制作の株式会社ストレートでは、調査・設計・提案書など様々なサービスをワンストップで提供致します。 VRなどの最先端技術やアニメーションも積極的に取り入れています。CAD教育・講習にも力を入れています。


Business Guide


VR/MR Content Development

We unite the existing technique (CG Perspective/animation) and
a state-of-the-art technique (VR-AR), and propose a new potential at the scene of an architectural design.


Architectural design – New approach at the scene of presentation

Recently, VR-AR has been becoming a low cost and high performance,and familiar.
Of course, it is not an exception in the scene of an architectural design, either.
Then, we correspond to VR production broad from the VR-AR practical use as architecture support which cooperated with BIM to the production for end users,
such as an exhibition and a virtual model room.


The feeling of immersive which utilized HMD (head mounted display)

If you’ve overlook space from HMD, a form and size can feel it more realistic rather than seeing on a drawing.
An architecture process changes innovatively by using this.
On the other hand, if you utilize this as experience service by the event or an exhibition, the appealing power to an end user will increase by leaps and bounds.
Please also leave an installation of time-consuming equipment to us altogether.
Moreover, you can also rent it. Please contact us easily.




Order Flow

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